William (left) and his loyal friend, Michael.
Young Life Capernaum is named for the town where Jesus was teaching when the four men took their paralytic friend to him on a mat and lowered him through the roof. The men had faith that getting their friend into the presence of Jesus would be a good thing to do, so they overcame the obstacle of the large crowd to make it happen. And Jesus did not disappoint – offering cleansing and forgiveness of sin first, and ultimately a physical healing as well.

Just like the paralytic in the Bible story, each of us was born with a spiritual disability that leads to death. We receive spiritual healing and new life in the forgiveness and grace that comes to us through Jesus Christ. We are inviting individuals, churches, businesses, and other organizations in our community to become part of Young Life Capernaum. Together we can offer the love, acceptance, forgiveness, and spiritual healing that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ to our friends with special needs and their families!

As Capernaum moves forward here in Washington County we will need Prayer Warriors, Volunteer Leaders, Capernaum Buddies, Capernaum Committee Members, and Financial Partners.

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